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Desktop Security Rx 4.0

Desktop Security Rx 4.0: Desktop security solution that is ideal for locking-down computer configurations Disable the built-in Search function from Explorer Remove the Shut Down item from the Start Menu Disallow the deleting of Printer(s) Disallow the addition of Printer(s) Disable access to the Task Manager Disable the Registry Editor Disable Locking workstation Disable Password Changing Disable Network Drive Mapping Display a customized Legal Notice before any logon Desktop Security Rx keeps files and folders secure and safe by hiding and locking them

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NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner for PowerShell is a set of freeware PowerShell cmdlets to simplify and automate account lockout management operations in Active Directory environments. The package includes cmdlets for unlocking accounts, resetting passwords, and troubleshooting account lockout root causes. This product is freeware. Please contact NetWrix Corporation at to obtain more information.

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GMail Extract e-mail addresses from G-Mail Account 9.0: GMail Extract e-mail addresses from G-Mail Account Software
GMail Extract e-mail addresses from G-Mail Account 9.0

account(s). You can select which standard mailboxes you want to search/extract e-mails from You can then save the resulting list to a textfile, having quickly downloaded them from your account! Easily track which e-mails are being accessed, and cancel at any time! This is especially useful if say you had a bunch of account invites, and they ve sent you e-mails and you quickly want to gather their e-mails! Try out this great g-mail account extract

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Encrypt Web Pro 3.2: Encrypt and protect html source code and web page.
Encrypt Web Pro 3.2

Encrypt and protect html source code and web page. It encrypts your email addresses, script code, links, text, graphics or all html source code to make them unreadable but work normally in web browsers. Thus others can`t extract your email addresses, steal your script code and steal unique web design etc. Additionally, it also has many other protect features, such as disable right mouse click, disable text select, disable page printing etc.

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zebNet User Account Hider Hide users from the welcome screen
zebNet User Account Hider

Account Hider easily allows you to hide user accounts from the Windows welcome screen. It is straightforward to hide a user from the Windows welcome screen by using zebNet User Account Hider. Simply select the user you wish from the dropdown list and choose if the user should be displayed on the welcome screen or not. With zebNet User Account Hider you no longer need to manually change values in the Windows Registry to hide a user from the welcome

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Disable Autorun 1.0: Selectively disable specific Autorun features  your PC and USB drives.
Disable Autorun 1.0

Removable devices such as usb and thumb drives will automatically run certain files when the device is plugged in. This is what allows USB-worms and malware to spread rapidly from one computer to another. It`s a good idea to change this Windows default and disable the promiscuous autorun feature. Disable Autorun is a free utility from Comfort Software Group which helps to selectively or completely disable all Autorun capabilities.

autoruns, autorun virus, disable autorun, disable autoplay, enable autorun, autorun 2.0: Lock any file, add a trial and require a registration code.  Disable remotely 2.0

Lock any file to add a trial or require a registration code. Disable registrations remotely in the case of a refund or piracy attempt. Many different trial types available. Integrates with your existing payment processor. Can automatically distribute registration codes to your customers via email. With one account you can lock an unlimited number of files.

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